Society Knight uses both Pen and Sword

An SCA member from An Tir, Sir Brand deux Leons has achieved his dream, as his Shakespearean-style play "To Each Their Own" is now in publication. Sir Brand seeks funding and participation from the SCA performing arts community to help drive a full stage production of the work.

From the press release:

Sir Brand deux Leons of An Tir has been a knight for over 25 years, a Pelican almost as long, and been an Actor in love with Shakespeare even longer than that. Shortly after finding the Society, he began to write in the Elizabethan Sonnet style. After 2,000 of those and publishing many of them on-line, he was discovered and asked to translate a movie script into Elizabethan English for New Zealand Screenwriter Guy Hamling. That gave Brand the inspiration to try and imitate the style of a Shakespearean comedy and created his masterwork - "To Each Their Own" a five-act, ~2,700 line comedie in iambic pentameter. The work earned "Audience Favorite" as an An Tirian Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition a few years back, and now is being published in book form, for Kindle download, and produced on by Hollywood actor Alex Hyde-White, son of Wilfrid Hyde-White (Col. Pickering to Rex Harrison's Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady").

The next logical step for Sir Brand is to see it produced on the stage of a Shakespeare Festival - somewhere. To get scenes of the play videoed to promote the work, Sir Brand is seeking acting troupes from around the Knowne World to take a scene and perform it (contact the Playwright for guidelines and restrictions).

Brand is also seeking support for promotion of this work from any Theatre-loving reader of these pages. He has an IndieGoGo page set up and is taking donations there until the 23rd of April (Shakespeare's 450th Birthday). After that, Sponsors and Producers can still support the project by contacting Brand directly.

Sir Brand first came into the Society in 1981 expecting everyone in the group to be professional theatre as he was, seeking indepth character work in a 24 hour-a-day experience at events. Quickly disabused of that, he found many other reasons to stay and contribute what he could of his talents.

Sir Brand (GregRobin Smith) lives in the Barony of Aquaterra (Everett WA) in the Kingdom of An Tir (Pacific Northwest).

Additional contact: GregRobin Smith, Managing Director: The Washington Shakespeare Festival (WSF) Mount Vernon Washington  GRSmith (at)

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