Barony of Whiterun event showcases Nordic theme

Just in time for spring, an upcoming event in the Barony of Whiterun will feature Nordic-themed combat, arts and sciences, merchants, and especially archery.

The Barony of Whiterun, with the gracious hospitality of the Canton of Dragonsreach, is throwing open the doors to its Great Hall for an all-out Nordic festival. Jarl Balgruuf the Greater says the event will be as authentically Nordic as they can make it, and they are even requiring period-appropriate attire on the list field. "This land belongs to the Nords!" he shouted defiantly, as he introduced the upcoming event to the populace at another recent gathering.

Jarl Balgruuf is noted for his prowess in martial activities, but he insists A&S will not be short-changed. In fact, one of the main features of the event will be a full "market district" with purveyors of armor and weapons, general merchandise, fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, and even period alchemy supplies. Guests will be encouraged to come with their own cooking gear and build fires. Merchants onsite will offer meats "fresh from the huntsman" along with the finest fruits and vegetables.

During the event, Jarl Balgruuf will hold a Nordic-style law-speaking moot in the great hall, which will be decorated for the occasion with magnificent wood carvings, heavy Nordic furniture, and a fire lay. For those who prefer more prosaic entertainment, local taverns such as the Bannered Mare and the Drunken Huntsman offer mead, ale, and wine to warm your spirits on a cold Whiterun night. Jarl Balgruuf, not one to shy away from a good party, says the site is emphatically "wet", but encourages visitors to drink responsibly in order to avoid trouble with the town constables.

Although the theme is Nordic, all are welcome. In fact, the Jarl's Steward, Proventus Avenicci, is from the Empire and says he and his wife, Adrianne, have always felt a part of Whiterun. Adrianne, who is skilled in the arts of smithing and leatherwork, is co-owner of Warmaiden's weapon and armor shop. Other area merchants include Belethor's General Goods, which offers everything from feasting utensils to horker tusks and gemstones for crafting, and Arcadia's Cauldron, home of period alchemy ingredients and supplies.

Jarl Balgruuf says this year's archery competition will feature a special "dragon shoot" tournament with an animated, moving target. For safety, however, the archery range has been moved outside of the city walls this year after last year's unfortunate incident. A town constable strayed too close to the action, apparently trying to get a better view, and took an arrow to the knee. He made a full recovery, but he says his days of adventuring are a thing of the past.