Help Support the Troops/Challenge to Honor HE Friedrich von Konigsberg

Nineteen SCA groups in three kingdoms have joined forces to support the troops in the Middle East.

Pendaran & Jehanne write:

Hi Everyone,

As of the writing of this email, the temperature in Basrah, Iraq is 109 degrees at 6:50 PM. One wonders what the day time high was - certainly hotter than it is here in Ansteorra. We're thrilled and thankful to the following groups who have joined the effort to help support the troops and to the people who are coordinating those groups' efforts.

We are up to 19 SCA groups in three kingdoms that are now a part of this effort! And please understand that the support of the troops is not a political thing; we're not trying to make a statement for or against the war in Iraq. We just want to help support the men and women who are over there trying to survive and get back home.

While 19 groups is fantastic we know that there are more out there who can help. Please contact us at f you're interested in coordinating a group's effort to support the troops.

Pendaran & Jehanne

Groups & coordinators in this effort. Vivat!

Group - Coordinator
Loch/Grail - Lord Rodrigo
Stargate - Bernard
Bordermarch - Lady Helene
Ravensford - Lady Love of Halesworth
Eldern Hills - Baroness Adria
Brad Leah - Lord Hans
Gate's Edge - Lady Maria
House Iron Boar - Kenny Arocha
Elfsea - Lady Maria
Steppes - Lady Katheryn
Glaslyn - Baroness Ceinwen
West Gate - Mistress Hillary
Rosenfeld - Lady Carletta
Stonemarche (East Kingdom) - Lady Elinor
Calontir - Lady Alvira
Middleford - HL Gilli
Bjornsborn - Mistress Mari
Wiesenfeuer - Equis Casius Lepus