Old Nieszawa virtually rebuilt

The original Polish town of Nieszawa, on the Vistula River, only existed for 35 years before it was demolished and rebuilt 32 km upstream, but now it lives again - virtually - thanks to a two-year non-invasive investigation including geophysics and aerial prospection.

Old Nieszawa, along with Dybów Castle, are the subjects of 3D reconstructions by archaeologists P. Wroniecki, M. Jaworski, M. Pisz, S. Rzeźnik and W. Stępień.

The rapidly-growing city of Nieszawa was moved by King Casimir IV Jagiellon in the mid 15th century due to its close location and rivalry with Toruń, a Teutonic Order city located just across the river. The original town was "lost" until the recent geophysical surveys which enabled maps of the town to be created.