Dark ages less barbaric than Roman, says historian

Dominic Selwood is a lawyer, writer and historian. He is also a blogger on a mission: to take the "dark" out of the Dark Ages. Selwood recently blogged on the subject for The Telegraph with Why the so-called 'Dark Ages' were just as civilised as the savage Roman Empire.

In the blog, Dominic Selwood writes:

The Empire officially died on the 4th of September AD 476 – and so “civilisation” ended, until awoken in 1401, when the contest to cast the bronze doors of Florence’s Baptistery of St John sparked the Renaissance. This is Victorian pseudo-history at its judgmental worst – a tragically emotionalised and simplistic view of the past with all the historical accuracy of Errol Flynn playing Robin Hood. It may have been good enough for a child’s history primer in the mid-1800s, but these days we know it to be wrong in so many key ways.