registered users can now submit events

The web site has been enhanced so that any registered user can submit event notices directly, rather than having to email them to our editors.

Until now, if you wanted to post your group's event on the calendar, the only way was to send an email to our editorial staff and ask for the event to be added. Those days are over!

Effective today, registered users can contribute event calendar items just as you have previously contributed stories and other types of content. To contribute an event, follow the links from this story, or just select the Contribute Content item from our main menu.

What should an event notice contain? Of course, you will need to select the date and starting time of the event (we don't currently have a way for you to specify the ending time and date, but that's coming in the future). The date is entered with an easy drop-down selection tool. There is also a "Location" field wherein you can enter the location of the event. Please tell us both the hosting group and the modern-world city, for example:

Marche of Alderford — Canton, Ohio, USA

In the "body" of the event notice, you can provide whatever information you wish about the event. If there is an event web site online, or soon will be, you can just enter the URL directly into your notice. You don't have to surround it with HTML tags — our software is smart enough to look for "http://...." URLs and automatically make them into "live links" for you.

Some recommended DOs and DON'Ts:

  • DO check the calendar to see if someone else has already notified us about your event. If you simply want to add to an already-posted event, send an email to with the new information or corrections.
  • DO contribute events from any size group. We welcome known-world, kingdom, baronial, and local events equally. The criterion is, "Are we inviting people from outside our local area to this event?" So a shire doing a demo in the park isn't normally something we would publish, but the same shire hosting an event with a tourney and feast would be quite appropriate here.
  • DO feel free to contribute events from non-SCA medievalist groups, as long as SCA members are welcome to attend.
  • DON'T contribute event notices from modern-world activities such as museum exhibits, group tours, and concerts. We would like to be able to show these items, but the calendar would become too cluttered. If you want to let people know about a modern-world activity, contribute a webstory instead.
  • DON'T add detail to the event notice that is likely to change a lot. For example, details such as the time when Feast will be served, or precise class schedules, are not really needed here. Instead, provide a summary of the event's featured attractions and a link to the event web site for more information.
  • DON'T post modern-world contact information for event staff. To protect privacy, we normally publish only SCA name and title, modern-world name (if requested), and email address. We will publish more than that only if asked to do so by the person whose info is being published.
  • DO feel free to send us notices of events happening as far in the future as you wish. Our calendar can handle it. We do ask that you not send the event notice to us until the scheduled date is firmly established on your Kingdom's calendar.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature. If you want to contribute an event notice, you will need to be a registered user on

Like other content on, your event notice will not be seen by the public until it is approved by a member of our editorial staff. This is to prevent spammers and pornographers from exploiting our site.

Nota bene: When you contribute an event, you will see a warning notice afterward saying "you are not authorized to access this page". That refers to the administrative page to publish the event, not to the content you just contributed. It's a minor glitch in the software, and you may safely ignore it until we have time to fix the problem.