How to Join the SCA Grand Council

Heather Shea (Kelly Magill), Grand Council Chair, reports that the SCA Grand Council is seeking new members.

Heather Shea writes:

Greetings from the Grand Council Chair to the Populace,

The Grand Council needs your help.

The Grand Council is a standing advisory committee to the Board of Directors of the SCA Incorporated. It is charged with providing proposals and ideas to the Board of Directors on issues of change to the modern functioning of the SCA. As such we need representation from all Kingdoms.

Each year around this time, we open up the application process for people to apply to be in the GC. This year the online application form will open on March 15, 2014 and close April 15, 2014. Final decisions on applications will be done by May 1, 2014 and everyone will be notified of the outcome of their application. We would like you to encourage you to spread the word about applying to be on GC. Currently there are several positions open on council and we would like to fill them as much as possible.

On March 15, 2014 the online application will be available through link below:

As well, each Kingdom is entitled to have 1 Kingdom Rep on the GC. Currently the GC has no kingdom reps for:

  • Caid
  • Calontir
  • Glenn Abhann
  • Middle
  • Meridies
  • Outlands - term will be ending May 2014

If you feel that you would make a good Kingdom Representative,  talk to your respective Crowns. GC would like to see a rep from each kingdom to ensure that every kingdom has representation and input on the issues GC is discussing.

Just to give you a taste of the discussions, over the last few years we have discussed revising pertinent sections of Corpora, Sanctions and are currently discussing Newsletters. Our discussions and recommendations tend to be society wide in nature and we need strong representations from all kingdoms.

Should you have any questions, please email me directly at grandcouncilchair at

Thank you for your help in this.

In Service

Heather Shea (Kelly Magill)
Grand Council Chair
Grand Council: Joining the GC