Lilies War Website Updates

Eynon Llangenydd, Deputy Lilies War Webminister, reports that there are new additions to the website for Lilies War.

Eynon Llangenydd writes:


While many are preparing for a trip to the south for Gulf Wars, it is not too early to be thinking about Lilies War!

To keep up to date of additions to the Lilies War website you may visit the News page where we will keep a running tally of new additions to the site. You may also subscribe to the RSS feed for the news.

The latest additions include links to sign up for Youth Activities Teachers.  Also, if you are interested in teaching and A&S class, check the link below.  Finally, Merchant pre-registration packet links can be found at below.

-- Eynon Llangenydd Deputy Lilies War Webminister Grimfells Webminister