Introducing the Falcon Banner

Debra Hense, of the Kingdom of Calontir, reports that the new Falcon Banner blog is up and running with Calontir news, events and announcements.

Debra Hense writes:

Come view us.

Also, remember to submit info about people moving/joining/transferring out of your local group.  Relationships?  Apprenticing, squiring, taking on a new protégé?  Getting married? Had a baby recently?

New interests? Teachers? Classes? Class handouts to publish?  We can link to your page if your handout is there. Or we can upload it to our space and publish a link there.

Articles about upcoming events, feasts, recipes?  How-to? Getting started 101?

Mathurin adds:

The Falcon Banner only works if the news gets into it. Eventually we will have a streamlined way to submit items but, for now, please send your items to Mistress Kateryn de Devlyn at We especially need event reports, with pictures.

The Banner also needs editors. The model for The Falcon Banner is based on The East Kingdom Gazette which has multiple editors who rotate the daily duty of receiving, editing, and posting the news items submitted. This keeps the duty from being too onerous for any one person. We also need editors to specialize in various areas of interest to write and or solicit articles. If you are interested in helping out, also contact Mistress Kateryn.

-- Mathurin