Writing award recommendations in the Midrealm

Brynn Herleifsson reports that he has created a series of three video tutorials on how to write award recommendations using the Middle Kingdom's online forms. The tutorials are available on YouTube.


  • Writing Midrealm Award Recommendations pt1 - Searching the Order of Precedence This is a five minute video tutorial on writing award recommendations for those in the Midrealm (Middle Kingdom) of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
  • Writing Midrealm Award Recommendations pt 2 - Writing the Recommendation! This video actually walks you through the process of writing an award recommendation after you've done the homework in Part 1
  • Writing Midrealm Award Recommendations pt 3 - Finding someone's device This video covers how to find a person's device if you have their name. It also shows you how to find their name if you have seen their device (useful for lost items or the occasional stolen item found on eBay).