Gulf Wars Request

Master Cynric of Bedwyn, Co-Autocrat, Gulf Wars XXIV (2015), has a small request of those attending this year's War.

Master Cynric writes:

I will share stewardship of Gulf Wars XXIV (2015) with HL Sabine Curter. As such, I would ask a simple boon of all who will attend this upcoming Gulf Wars (XXIII): carry a small notebook or other means of recording thoughts and, as you come across deficiencies that need to be addressed in the future (immediate issues should, of course, be brought to the attention of the current steward or his staff), or have ideas concerning ways in which the Gulf Wars experience can be improved, please write them down. At the end of war, or even during it if you like, send those ideas and issues to me at Sabine and I will read and consider them, and do what we can to address each (no promises, of course).

I know, for instance, that showers are a prime concern. Rest assured that solutions for GW XXIV are already being considered. Those of you who attend Pennsic and camp with Ansteorra know that providing showers is an issue close to my heart.

The more constructive and reasoned input Sabine and I receive, the better we will be able to tailor GW XXIV to your wishes. I'll be visiting as many people as I can during this upcoming GW; feel free to stop me and offer your input if you see me. I can usually be found near, or at least located by someone in, the Merchant Office (space 60, across King's Highway from the Main Hall).

See you at War!

Cynric of Bedwyn, OL OP
Co-Autocrat, GW XXIV