Anglo-Saxon tool papers online

On its website, Daegrad Tools of Sheffield, England offers an extensive list of papers on Anglo-Saxon tools. The papers are available for free download in PDF format.

Papers include:

  • A-S saw making pdf    
  • A-S microfine punches pdf    
  • A-S metalworking punches pdf    
  • A-S left handed shears pdf    
  • A-S brooches pdf    
  • A-S beaded wire pdf    
  • A-S constructs pdf    
  • A-S iron & steel pdf    
  • A-S needles pdf    
  • A-S dead man's tools pdf    
  • the cold drill    
  • mucking tool finds    
  • A-S chatelaines    
  • rauthi    
  • copper alloy bound buckets    
  • A-S banded cups