Metallurgy conference to focus on personal adornment

The Historical Metallurgy Society AGM will hold its annual conference May 31 - June 1, 2014 at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, England. The them of this year's conference will be Metals used in Personal Adornment.

From the conference webpage:

For many centuries metal, especially precious metals, has been the dominate material used in the construction of jewellery and other items of personal adornment. The basic form of personal adornment varies over time, location and culture. This influences not only the style of the pieces but also impacts the method of manufacture.

This conference therefore provides an opportunity examine the metals used and the metalworking techniques carried out to produce these pieces. Papers are welcome on topics covering all aspects of metal use and manufacture of items of personal adornment (or specifically jewellery) from any period, location or culture.