Chivalry is the "mark of being a man”

"When you show up, people are in their armor and beautiful garb, and silk flags are raised, and arrows are flying. If you’ve ever been interested in that, here is your chance to live that dream,” Kerry Kennedy told Dylan Walker of The Crimson White (University of Alabama) during a recent interview about the Society for Creative Anachronism. (photo)

Walker spoke with several members of the Shire of Okeborne Keep in the Kingdom of Meridies, including graduate student Jim Meadows who stressed important aspects of SCA life. From the article:

...the group puts an emphasis on medieval times as they should have been. Chivalry is expected of men, and dignity is expected of the ladies.

"It really is a world where men can be the chivalrous gentlemen, and being chivalrous is expected. That’s [the] mark of being a man," Meadows said.