SCA: "the most awesome, crazy people"

"I mean, how often do you get to walk through a city of tents at night as the lantern lights dance and the fog starts to drift in? Most people can only dream of that," said Baroness Juliana of the Barony of Black Diamond in Atlantia about her experience in the SCA. Alicia Petska of the News & Advance (Lynchburg, Virginia) visited with Julie and Allen Foster to learn more about the couple's "weird hobby." (photos)

The interview continued with a visit to the Baron and Baroness' barn where practice was taking place for rapier and armored combat. Fighters explained to Petska about the SCA's concepts of honor and chivalry. "There is a philosophy behind it that is just as important as the skills. This is my little speech about chivalry, because a lot of what we practice is about chivalry and respect,"said 20-year member David Lang.