Backers turn to the SCA for help with LARPer film

Conway, Arkansas residents John and Marette Stiritz are now movie stars - or at least they have appeared in a film, one they helped fund. The couple recently traveled to Spokane, Washington for the filming of Knights of Badassdom, a movie about LARPing. Fred Petrucelli of the Log Cabin Democrat has the story.

To prepare themselves for their roles, John and Marette attended an SCA event where they learned about medieval cooking and costuming. “We hope to have some of the Larpers and Creative Anachronists out in costume for the movie event and make it a fun time,“ Stiritz says.

The Knights of Badassdom became available On Demand and Digital February 11, 2014.

Their web site is buggy...

If you have a very high-resolution screen (such as a Mac Retina), the official web site for the movie is almost nonfunctional if your browser is too wide. You can work around the problem by narrowing the size of the browser. This was observed in Firefox on a Macbook Retina.