Gulf Wars Volunteer Point

Gulf Wars approaches quickly! The following is a mash-up of two separate topics, both relating to Volunteer Point at Gulf War. This is similar information from years past, and we'll have new, exciting updates soon!

First: Please Volunteer!

With over 3500 people expected on site and 40 departments, Gulf Warsruns by volunteers. Please take the time to volunteer for at least a single shift (4-6 hours) over the course of the week. Last year, there were over 11,000 volunteer hours (which included some departmental shortages). If every person volunteered a single shift, then we would not have any shortages in the entire war.

What does volunteering get you? A lot more than you think.

For each volunteer:

  • Every 2 hrs earned - Raffle Ticket*
  • Every 10 hrs earned - Pewter feather token
  • Every 15 hrs earned - Prize from Above & Beyond Table (stocked daily until prizes are gone)
  • First 20 hrs earned - Limited edition pewter feather (instead of smallpewter feather)
  • Every 50 hrs worked - Volunteer Point pin
  • Every 100 hrs worked - Volunteer Point necklace

*Raffle tickets count for a war point as well as Volunteer Point raffle on Saturday. The side with the most tickets will be awarded awar point.

For your group:
The hours you work at Gulf Wars are recorded and tallied and part of the profits from Gulf Wars are divided among these hours. These monies are eligible to go to any group with an SCA bank account. In previous years, this has amounted to a significant amount.

At least one shift per attendee makes the war run smoother. We havevolunteer opportunies that range from seeing the war from a golf cart to administration. Somewhere in the war, we need you.

If you have specific questions about volunteer opportunties at GulfWars, please contact the Volunteer Point Coordinator at

In Service,
THL Kendra Dey
Volunteer Point Coordinator
Gulf Wars XXIII

Second: Above and Beyond

One aspect of Volunteer Point is the Above and Beyond table. Any volunteer who earns 15 hours (and every 15 hour increment after that) received an item of their choice off the table. The Above and Beyond table is filled by donations from fellow SCA members.

To this end, I am soliciting donations for the Above and Beyond Table. I do ask that an attempt to made to make it SCA themed. Items that are
handcrafted are more than appreciated. Suggestions include hats, gloves, scarfs, trim, small bits of armor, jewelry, bags. Donations are accepted at any event that I am personally at (Gleann Abhann) andwill also be accepted at Gulf Wars.

If every artisan donates a single handcrafted item, then the bounty for the table will be beyond compare.

Any items donated to the Above and Beyond table are used strictly for the table and are not included in the Raffle (which is done with donations from the merchants).

If you have specific questions about donations for the Above and Beyond table at Gulf Wars, please contact the Volunteer Point Coordinator at

In Service,
THL Kendra Dey
Volunteer Point Coordinator
Gulf Wars XXIII

If you would like more information or to donate items for the Above and Beyond collection, please feel free to contact the Ansteorran team:
Mistress Charla, HL Elsa

Thanks much and See You at War!