Symposium scheduled to pinpoint location of Battle of Brunanburh

In 937, a deciding battle was fought which changed the course of British history forever. The Battle of Brunanburh, one of the UK's bloodiest, was fought between the Scots and the Saxons, establishing England's identity. Unfortunately, no one knows where the battle took place.

The Battle of Brunanburh, between the Scots and the Saxons, is a turning point in history that marked the creation of both Scottish and English identities. Now historians will launch a major review, conducted, for the Battlefields Trust, by Dr. Matthew Bennett, a medieval history expert at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, of 40 proposed sites that will conclude with a symposium naming the most likely location for the battle. The symposium will be held late in 2014 at the Tower of London.

“We realise how difficult to pin point it is, but by evaluating all the possible claims, I think we can reach some sort of understanding. It is such an important battle, that it is an important debate to have,” said Frank Baldwin, chairman of the trust.