Randy Bevins: 21st century Viking

Police officer in Whitehall, New York - and member of the SCA - Randy Bevins is going to Mars, or at least he hopes so. Bevins was one of the 1,058 candidates chosen by Mars One, a Dutch non-profit, which plans to land a four-man crew on the planet in 2025. Bill Toscano of the Post Star has the story.

“People ask me why I want to go when I know I am not going to come back,” he said. “Why did the Vikings sail east, knowing they were probably going to die? That’s how I feel,” said Bevins.

The selection process for the final 40 applicants will be televized with the four finalists chosen by the viewers. “When people realize the crews are being chosen through what they see as a ‘reality show,’ they all roll their eyes and sigh a bit,” Bevins said. “But if you looked at the business model, you would see that this is going to be more interesting than the Olympic Games. I really believe they will be able to fund this thing."

Mars One is te dream of Lansdorp and Arni Wielders of the Netherlands who plan to raise the US $6 billion needed through crowd sourcing, partnerships and other sales of television rights to the training process.