Pennsic Chirurgeonate will no longer provide free OTC meds

Citing legal liability concerns and a policy decision from the Society and Pennsic Autocrat levels, the Pennsic Chirurgeonate has announced that self-service over-the-counter medications will no longer be available at Chirurgeons' Point.

As most people are aware, SCA Chirurgeons are not allowed to recommend, prescribe, or administer medication, including non-prescription remedies such as aspirin, Tylenol™, or Benadryl™. In the past, these over-the-counter ("OTC") medications were provided in a self-service cabinet at Chirurgeons' Point, where patients 18 or older could help themselves. Because the patients were choosing for themselves what they wanted, without recommendation or instruction from the Chirurgeons, this was not care provided by the Chirurgeons.

Increasing concern over legal liability, however, has caused the SCA corporate administration to tighten the rules on this service. As a result, Aine nic Llyr, who is in charge of Logistics, Fundraising, and Supplies for the Pennsic Chirurgeonate, says that the service will be discontinued this year. She advises patients who rely on OTC medications to come to War prepared with their own supply. "Please plan ahead," she said recently in an open letter posted to Kingdom email lists. "This planning should include OTC and prescription meds, extra glasses, extra Epi Pens™, extra inhalers, and whatever else you will need to stay well."

Although medications are no longer available, Aine says the Chirurgeonate "will be providing sunscreen and calamine lotion for those who forget their own supply" and that they will provide "all of the other first aid treatment as usual."

One bit of good news is that this year's War Chirurgeon, Lord James "Hawk" Galloway, plans to continue the recent trend toward offering at least limited Chirurgeon services very early in the event. Says Aine, "The Point will be open for business this Saturday."