Gulf Wars volunteers needed

Gisele de Bier reports that volunteers are needed for the upcoming Gulf Wars XXIII.

Unto all do I, Gisele de Bier, send greetings and salutations.

This email is being sent out to all these wonderful individuals who might wish to volunteer for one or more shifts at the Exchequer's Office during GW 23.

For these who don't know me, I am Gisele de Bier, assistant to the Exchequer. I will be coordinating the schedule for this Gulf War. As I cannot possibly remember everyone's preference about his or his or her email account being publicly available, I will be using the BCC option for all future communications among volunteers.

The current schedule for this year's Gulf War is still mostly blank. Many shifts are still available, so please let me know which shifts you prefer as I know several of you have a specific preference as to when you would like to work.

Each shift should have 1 exchequer and at least 1 cashier. This email is to flesh out the exchequers and cashiers.  I will be sending out a separate email to coordinate the shift lead. If you are interested in a lead position please ask.

The exchequers duties are to prepare the cash drawer in the cash register for an upcoming shift and to balance the cash drawer from a shift that just ended.  The exchequer would arrive at the exchequers trailer 15 minutes before his or her shift begins, count out the money, fill out some forms and ride to troll with the cashier to deliver the shift money for the cash register and return to the exchequers trailer with the previous shifts cash drawer, count the money and help prepare the bank deposit.

The cashier's duties are to run the cash registers. The cashier will arrive at the exchequers trailer 15 minutes before their shift begins and fill out forms then ride to troll with the exchequer. Once the cash drawer is set up for your shift you stay and run the cash register until your shift is over. You will ride back to the exchequers trailer at the end of your shift and sign your paperwork.

This is NOT a troll position, if you are interested in that area please contact

The basic shift outline is:

Saturday March 9: 8:00 ~ 12:00 ~ 6:00
Sunday March 10 ~ Friday: 6:00 ~ 10:00 ~ 2:00 ~ 6:00 ~ 11:59
Saturday March 15: 6:00 ~ 12:00 (close)

This is the same format as last year's schedule, 4 hour shifts during the day and 6 hour shifts at night.  Please let me know which shifts you are willing to work and I will try to ensure that everyone gets their choice of shifts.  Please be aware, however, that there will be times when I do not need 5 cashiers and there may be times when I need to send out additional requests for help to fill in gaps that may exists.  If you have any constraints or requests, please let me know what they are.

Please respond back with your contact information (even if you have done so in the past):

  • Mundane Name:
  • SCA Name:
  • Group Camping with:
  • Cell Phone #:
  • Current Positions or offices:
  • What positions you are interested in:
  • Email:

This information will not be shared outside of the War Exchequer and Shift Leads.

As you may know from last year the work included is to count in the new cash register; count out former cash register, verify the cash count against the receipts; and to count the various kingdom attendances. The exchequer troll shift may be 1 to 4 hours; shifts earlier in the week tend to be longer than those at the end of the week.

Additionally, if you know of an exchequer in your kingdom that will be attending Gulf War, please, encourage them to take a shift. This is how we train and raise the next group.

As you consider shifts to work, please remember to have fun at War! Check out the Gulf Wars Website to see what activities
you want to attend!

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me at or the exchequer at   You may also reach me by phone 281-593-9559, bur please no calls after 8 PM CST.

Yours in Service,

Ly Gisele de Bier
Scheduling deputy