Soldiers cross swords in Hellsgate

It was the Army vs. the Army when members of the SCA chapter Stronghold of Hellsgate, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, met in Carl Levin Park, Harker Heights,Texas in August 2013. Sgt. Samuel Northrup has the story for the 7th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. (photos)

Michael Ruiz and Scot Eddy, both in the military, demonstrated SCA-style armored combat while Spc. Branden Buchmeier discussed the types of combat in the SCA.

“There are two types of combat in the SCA: rapier combat and chivalric combat,” said Spc. Branden Buchmeier, an automated logistical specialist with A Company, 589th Brigade Support Battalion, 41st Fires Brigade. “Rapier combat is done with fencing weapons and is a fancier fighting style than chivalric.” First Lt. Zane Fuller, an Armor Officer with HHC, 3-8 Calvary Regiment, prefers chivalric fighting more than rapier fighting. “The chivalric fighting is more up-armored because we are fighting with solid bamboo called rattan,” Fuller said. “You get more into your mass melee. With chivalric heavy fighting you have spearmen and form mass shield walls.”