Canterbury Faire 2014 is one month away

Canterbury Faire 2014 approaches. We’ve just passed our last price rise, but we still have a few feast tickets to spare, and we’d love to see you at the event. It’s a great event, a great atmosphere, and great people to spend 9 days relaxing in the Crescent Isles.

For people who've missed our previous missives, here are some of the great things we have at CF every year:

  • Arts Martial with: War scenarios; Heavy Tournaments; Rapier; Cut & Thrust; Archery and even some Boffer for good measure.
  • Arts & Sciences with a range of classes on offer, and a range of fantastic gentles who make interesting things every year.
  • Arts Palatable, a fantastic feast or repast on offer, and a fully catered meal-plan available to anyone on site for a small fee.  The Mangy Mongol coffee-house serves the finest coffee in the land.

And of course other attractions:

  • Native Fauna that doesn't want to kill you! Chief amongst them the stately Hedgehog.
  • An almost complete lack of mud or dust! Full facilities on site!  Shuttles to and from the event!

It’s fantastically easy to attend, read everything about it by clicking below.

And sorry to add this part, but we’re still looking for a few volunteers to shore up the event.

  • Meal-plan cooks – We still need a few more volunteers to organise a meal, we can provide sample menu’s for you to use, or you can design your own (or some combination thereof), and of course we’ll have plenty of help to prepare and cook the meal on the day.
  • Shuttle/Billets coordinator - We’re looking for someone to help organise the transport to/from site, liaise with anyone attending, and earn our undying gratitude.

Yours in Service,
Maximilian von Monsterburg/Antonia Di Benedetto Calvo,
CF 2014 Co-stewards
(Reach us at if you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help out.)