Victors Hailed at Winter Rose Tournament

The Incipient Shire of Drakelaw last weekend hosted its annual Winter Rose Tournament, and a fine lady from neighboring Barony of Flame tells us of the day's festivities and honourable combat. Even though it was chilly and wet outside, the Winter Rose Tournament that was held at the Greenbo Lodge in Ashland, KY and held by our neighbors, Drakelaw, was a very fun event!!

Friday night there was a torchlight tournament. Actually it was a lamp post tournament, but it did just as well and was held on the bridge walkway going into the lodge. There were several fighters there and all fought quite well, with the winner being Master Patrick. Sergeant Ustad, Sir Ullar and Lord Axel all tied and came in a very close second.

The following morning, Saturday, was the novice tournament and the experienced tournaments. Many combatants were there to participate. The fighting was held in the feast hall that day due to the muddy and waterlogged grass outside the lodge. There was lots of room for all to fight. The winner of the novice tournament was our Barony of the Flame's own William Sparrowhawk. He fought his opponents well and honored his lady and knight and barony well. The winner of the experienced tournament, more like a bear pit, was Sir Ullar, if I remember correctly.

Please forgive me; I do not remember who won the rapier event.

Later that evening during feast, there was a Pas d'Armes held and lots of entertainment. Drakelaw's very own Sergeant Taran Warpiper sang to the guests while they ate. And I must say he sang pretty well for a Celt. :)

The Pas itself was lots of fun and exhibited some very unusual fighting. Sergeant Ustad was in charge of the Pas and a fine job the lad did! The combatants for the Pas were Captain Conrad and his knight, Sir Theo; Sir Ullar; and Baron Lothair and two of his squires, Lord Raven and Lord Uzziel.

I must say, though, that the most hilarious moment was by far when Baron Lothair and Lord Raven chose for their weapons, in the bout of their weapon choice, to fight with single saber and banana. And yes, they did have a line for the edge and had passed inspection for the bout. :)

All in all, the Pas was a very entertaining and unusual activity, and Hoobahs all go to the combatants who made it all that way. The winners of the Pas were Barony of the Flame's own Baron Lothair and two of his squires, Lord Raven and Lord Uzziel.

After feast and the Pas, those of us who spent the night at the lodge gathered around the fireplace in the lobby for a drumming and bardic circle with our friends, and unwound after a day of great fighting, eating and fun.

To Drakelaw and its members, who made this event a fun and unforgettable one, Hoobah! Your hard work paid off.

Again, congratulations to all the winners and to Drakelaw for a great weekend of fun and fighting.