Vigils and elevations at Bull's Head Court

Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair reports that at Their Courts at Boar's/Bull's Head, Their Majesties Hrodir and Anne of the Kingdom of Northshield, offered elevation to the Peerage to seven of Their subjects.

Those either elevated or placed on vigil were:

  • Zadok ben Solomon ibn al-Khafar - Order of the Chivalry
  • Kitu Jira Toramassa-sama - Order of the Chivalry
  • Eva of Greenfield - Order of the Laurel
  • Tokí inn bloðauga Magnusson - Order of the Pelican
  • Teffan Koerwent - Order of the Pelican
  • Ed the Tall - Order of the Pelican
  • Guttorm Arnesson - Order of the Laurel