Atlantia Unbelted Fighters Announced for Pennsic War

Count Valharic, the Atlantian Warlord, has announced the list of unbelted fighters chosen for the Pennsic War.

His Excellency writes:

Greetings from the Atlantian Warlord,

The following list are the names of the 25 fighters chosen to be unbelted champions for Atlantia at Pennsic:

  • Abel
  • Henry (Squired to Duke Ragnarr)
  • Brian Killian the Red
  • Sinclair Hawkins
  • Marc d'Aubigny
  • Magnus Tindall
  • Grimmr Askoldsson
  • Master Roland
  • Edward (Squired to Sir Jason Kinslayer)
  • Odde
  • Shea of Clan Ebonwoulfe
  • Christian the German
  • Robert (Squired to HRH Janos)
  • Rousel Tavernier
  • Turgis
  • Ragnar Ribcracker
  • Connor
  • Melrakki
  • Declan
  • Achbar ibn Ali
  • Susanna Grey
  • Bjorn Samson
  • Sean Dollymore
  • Bryan of Sacred Stone
  • Hamish

I apologize for any misspelling of names. If anyone has any questions about the names listed above, please contact me.

I need all the fighters listed to be on hand in armor at the battlefield immediately following opening ceremonies. The team will be made up of 15 of the fighters listed above and I need alternates handy as well. The 15 that will be on the team will be decided at the battlefield just prior to the tournament.

It is a matter of pride to be chosen as a representative of your kingdom. I look forward to watching you all in glorious battle.

In service,

Count Valharic, Warlord Atlantia