Dancing the War Away!

Do you think the Pennsic War is just about battles and war points? No! It's about dancing!

Dancers of the Known World are invited to wear out their shoes at a number of dance activities that will take place throughout the War. Classes will be held in a dedicated dance tent located at the corner of Dragon's Trace and Chandler's Way. The dance tent will feature a sprung wooden floor designed by Filip of the Marche, from the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands.

European dance classes will be taught in the dance tent. Middle Eastern classes will be taught in the Middle Eastern dance tent. A complete list of both can be viewed as part of the Pennsic A&S Class List: http://gozips.uakron.edu/~jana/AS/Pennsic33Classes.htm.

There will be a number of Balls at Pennsic, most of which will take place at the dance tent and are open to all would wish to attend. The Pennsic Ball will be held Tuesday, August 17, 2004 in the Barn.

So, anyone who can't dance has ample opportunities to learn and more than a few chances to practice. See you on the dance floor!

Thanks to Domenico of Atlantia for the information.