Rapier Fighter pushes the limit at Pennsic

Born in New York City, but now living in Paris, Baron Raphael di Angelo plans to fight over one thousand rapier opponents at Pennsic 33, fulfilling a "personal challenge."

Baron Raphael writes:

Unto the Rapier Fighters of the Knowne World does Baron Raphael di Angelo send greetings.

In the history of Pennsic War there have been a few Heavy Fighters who made a point of fighting and recording one thousand fights over the course of a given Pennsic against any and all who took the field against them in single combat.

In the same spirit and as a personal challenge to myself it is my intent to fight one thousand plus Rapier Fights at Pennsic XXXIII.

In order to make this happen I need opponents, so I call upon everyone who is authorized in a form of rapier combat to come out to the rapier list so that together we can make history. I can be found by my heraldry. (http://www.olympicsword.com/raphael/coat2.jpg)

I remain,

Raphael di Angelo

Baron Raphael's home page is at http://www.olympicsword.com/raphael/.