Siegfried and Elizabeth new Northshield Heirs

Gwen reports that Duke Siegfried von Kalmbach was the victor of the October 12, 2013 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Northshield. His Grace was inspired in his endeavor by Countess Elizabeth von Kulmbach.

In the final bout of the tournament, Duke Siegfried defeated Sir Murdoch MacArthur, inspired by THL Caitlin MacArthur.


In case we have the spelling wrong...

...we sincerely apologize to His Grace. We had His name spelled "Siegfriend", but then someone alerted us that this was in error. On investigation, I found that the announcement on the Northshield kingdom site has "Siegfriend" in three places (unless they have changed it since this comment was written), but the Past Royalty page and his persona page there have "Siegfried," as do most other sources on the Internet. So we went with Siegfried here, hoping that is correct.

If someone with definitive knowledge of the correct spelling could please let us know, we will gladly make sure we have it correct here. Perhaps His Grace has changed the spelling since His last reign?