Caer Anterth Seeks Blood Donors for Boar's Head Event

From the Midrealm comes word of a blood drive to be held at Boar's Head on December 7. Lady Bettina writes:

Greetings unto the Populace from the Concerned Boar's Head Blood Drive Coordinator,

With Boar's Head a mere 3 weeks away, 17 gentles have made an appointment to donate blood at Boar's Head (Saturday, December 7). In order to have a successful blood drive, we need to have about *30 more people* make an appointment!

Please consider signing up to give the gift of life. We had an awesomely successful drive last year, and we can do it again!

To sign up online:


Editor's note: The link to sign up can be reached by clicking on the story headline on this page. Letter reposted by permission of the author.