Quivers and Quarrels: Fall issue

The Nostalgia Fall Edition of Quivers & Quarrels -- wherein we explore the origins and evolution of combat and target archery in the SCA, from the first garden stake arrows and Freon can helms to the exciting game we play today -- is now available online in the SCA's e-newsletter site.

Check out the petite & deadly cover girl archer from the Northern Climes, Thorunn Smallwolf of Avacal in An Tir. 

Read about:

  • Sir Jon Fitz Rauf:  Profile of a Living Legend (and the man who essentially invented SCA combat archery)
  • Yumi and Ya: A brief survey of Japanese Archery
  • Warbows have come to Avacal (An Tir)
  • Thumb Rings
  • How it Began:  Inga’s Tale of SCA Target & Combat Archery
  • Fire Across the River:     Tactics for Combat Archers from the Senryaku
  • A Study of Medieval and Renaissance Arrow Shaft Sizes
  • How to Cut Feathers for Fletching
  • The Medieval Archer’s Reading List

NOTE TO LOCAL CAPTAINS OF ARCHERS:  Please send your updates on local archery practice schedules to QuiversQuarrels@gmail.com

Quivers & Quarrels is always looking for new and exciting content.  Send your stories, photos, ideas, comments to QuiversQuarrels@gmail.com.

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JOB OPPORTUNITY:  Looking for an SCA archer expert to host the “ASK THE ARCHER” column in future editions.

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Ouregan filia Flaviani

Publisher/Chronicler -- 
Quivers & Quarrels

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