Attention Pennsic Chirurgeonate Volunteers (Chirurgeon and Non-Medical)

Aine nic Llyr, who is in charge of Logistics and Fundraising for the Pennsic Chirurgeonate, asks gentles, including non-medical volunteers such as scribes, who plan to volunteer at Chirurgeon's Point this year to contact her, so she can make personalized name tags.

Aine writes:

Calling all Chirurgeons...

If you are planning to work at the Point this Pennsic, we would like to have your name tag ready for you when you arrive for your first shift.

A good number of them are already done. To ensure that we have as many done as possible, please mail your SCA name and rank (apprentice, journeyman, master) to the address listed below.

Please keep your name short. Titles will not be listed on the tags due to space limitations.

If you had a name tag last year, we still ask you to respond to this notice.

Mail SCA name and rank to:

If you are planning to volunteer other services at the Point, such as a scribing, please send us your name also.

Thank you.

In Service,