A Walsingham Pilgrimage

The village of Little Walsingham in North Norfolk was the site for a major pilgrimage during the 14th and 15th centuries. What still exists today of that ancient site? Take a virtual trip back to this shrine. (photos)

Matthew Champion writes in detail, with explanatory photos, about the current site and the changes that occurred over the centuries. See an ancient woodland track that has been in constant use for 1,000 years. Look at the Slipper Chapel built in 1325.

Today, the site is the Catholic National Shrine to Our Lady and again plays host to pilgrims. Photos show part of a nearby Franciscan Friary and a priory church which are now in ruins, as well as some of the historic pre-dissolution buildings in Little Walsingham. One of the treasures of this area is a rare, surviving, medieval pack-horse bridge which can still be traversed. There is also a "Seven Sacrament" baptismal font, one of only 40 that still survive. (photos)