Re-enactors "make history accessible and fun"

"Re-enactors are a strange breed, pretty eccentric but all with a passion for history, which I guess makes them my kind of people,” said archaeologist Dr Tony Pollard at the recent Celebration of the Centuries at Fort George, near Inverness, Scotland.

The celebration, hosted by Historic Scotland, brought history to life for thousands of Scottish visitors, offering presentations by re-enactors portraying life from the time of the Iron Age through to World War II.

"I think that in today's age, groups like ourselves play a huge part in widening understanding of Scotland's varied and diverse history," says Kevin Grant, of The Antonine Guard. The internet has made information readily available at the click of a mouse, however, groups like ours and those of the differing time periods bring an immediate strong visual presentation and a lasting one. We feel we play a strong part in making history accessible and fun," said Kevin Grant, of The Antonine Guard.