The History of Heralds in Europe: call for papers

The University of Münster in Münster, Germany has sent out a call for papers for a conference to be held March 26-28, 2014. The theme of the conference is The History of Heralds in Europe  (12th-18th c.)

From the Heraldic Nova website:

The history of heralds is a largely underexplored one. In spite of the important role the office of heralds played in the late medieval courtly culture and beyond, only few scholars have dedicated their attention to this office by now. However, their number has been growing over the past years.

The workshop at the University of Münster will offer an occasion to scholars interested in the research of the office of arms to meet and discuss their interests and their common topics under a systematic approach. The workshop aims to structure the field of research in mutual discussions and to combine the different efforts and ideas to a first synthesis. The goal of the two-part workshop (March 2014, March 2015) is to elaborate a compendium on the history of the office of arms written in co-authorship. It is supposed to identify the state of the art, to define the broad lines for future research, and to demonstrate the topic’s huge opportunities for historical research.


A better knowledge of the history of heralds will not only contribute to a better understanding of the social and cultural development and function of this office itself. It will also offer new perspectives on such different topics like aristocratic and courtly culture, diplomacy, tournaments and warfare, communication, literature, honour or espionage, as well as on the evolution from feudal society to the princely state at the end of the Middle Ages. The workshop will particularly emphasise the comparative potential of this pan-European phenomenon.

Scholars interested in participating in the workshops are warmly invited to send a message including a summary of their interests in the presented field of research (100-200 words) and a short CV in English, French or German by 30.11.2013 to: