Cornell seminar and lecture series focuses on medieval cosmology

A grant from the Cornell Institute for European Studies has financed a new working group at the university on medieval cosmology. Three scholars, Benjamin Anderson, Courtney Roby and Andrew Hicks, will bring the concept to the campus through a seminar and a series of lectures beginning in September and ending in November 2013.

"Cosmology is usually defined as the search for order in the universe. But in the medieval world, the production of cosmologies had direct implications for religion, politics and social ideology."

“Medieval cosmology is a massive and in some cases arcane body of material, and the amount of effort it takes to master a little bit of it is substantial,” says Benjamin Anderson, assistant professor of the history of art. “The working group is a fantastic opportunity to work with people who have been exploring other corners of this material and to pose questions that we wouldn’t be able to address without that pool of expertise.”