SCA: A good place to raise your kids

Prince Timothy of AEthelmearc has raised six children in the SCA. “It’s a good place to raise your kids and teach them a little something as time goes on,” he told Joan Mead-Matsui of the Abington Journal during the reporter's visit to Myrkfael Regional Melee Practice in the Barony of Endless Hills (Scott Township, Pennsylvania). (photos)

Mead-Matsui spoke to Prince Timothy (Timothy Taylor) as well as other event attendees about armored combat, the purpose of the melee practice, and about what life is like in the SCA. “We are the best of the Middle Ages without the sickness and the plague…” said Baroness Barbary Rose of Endless Hills, otherwise known as Barb Gable of Dalton. “Sometimes when you say ‘Medieval Reenactment Society,’ you get a negative response because of the word ‘Medieval.’ We’re a fun group. We also teach history. We do school demos if asked…We’re educational as well.”