Russian Military History Society christens re-enactment theme park

Moscow has a attraction: the Zhivaya Istoriya (Live History) theme park in the Rumyantsevo district, a theme park dedicated to historical re-enactment. he first organization to use the park was the Russian Military History Society who presented the Streletskaya Sloboda (Marksman Settlement) festival in August 2013.

The 260-acre park, scheduled to be completed in 2018, will include ornamental buildings and fortresses, as well as modern facilities, and will be set aside for the use of re-enactors.

“Big re-enactments are organized so that we can meet people, and so we can compete to see which re-enactment was the best, the most accurate, the most spectacular, and to recruit people to our cause. This requires large sites, such as the Zhivaya Istoriya park," said Alexei Novikov, the founder of the Shatun military history club that participated in the Streletskaya Sloboda festival.