500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden marked

14,000 individuals -- 10,000 Scots and 4,000 English -- lost their lives in the Battle of Flodden which took place in 1513 in Northumberland, England. Among them was King James IV of Scotland. This year re-enactors and others are marking the 500th anniversary of the history-changing battle. (photo)

Because the battle was a huge defeat to the Scots, decisions have been made not to fund large celebrations of its anniversary, a fact lamented by some. "It has been a top-down, political decision to celebrate Bannockburn and invest in things like the battlefield's expensive new tourist centre. However, marking Flodden, a battle that was every bit as important for Scotland, has received no such support. Commemorating it has emerged from the community," said Alistair Bowden, project manager for Flodden 1513, a programme of events that will include battlefield walks, local exhibitions and the design of a new Flodden tartan.