SCA Tanka/Waka Anthology

In the year A.S. 48, King Damien MacGavin of Calontir began challenging the populace of His Kingdom to think of the projects they had always dreamed of and take one year to complete them.  In response to this, Saito Takauji has begun an anthology of Tanka/Waka from all corners of the SCA.

His call on Facebook read as follows:

In the year 1205 one of the great anthologies of Japanese poetry was completed, the Shin Kokin Wakashu.  It collected 2000 poems in traditional format (tanka, poems of five lines in 5-7-5-7-7 syllable format) in 20 chapters, on 12 subjects: Spring, summer, autumn, winter, congratulations, laments, partings, travel, love, miscellaneous, Shinto poems, and Buddhist poems.

My goal is to create an SCA Shin Kokin Wakashu.  I will collect poems for one year, until 9/17/2014, or until we reach 2000 poems (the size of the original).  At that time the poems will be distributed for free online, to spread the word fame of our poets.

Poetry must follow the tanka/waka format of five lines of 5-7-5-7-7 sylables.  Poems will be taken from anyone, regardless of persona, and will be credited how they wish (indicate in email).  Art submissions or anyone who wants to help beautify it will be gratefully accepted as well.

Submissions should be sent to