T-shirts for SCA members

I hope I am not violating rules here. I am designing a line of T-shirts that some SCA members might be interested in for wear outside of traditional SCA activities.

In the near future I hope to have designs that can display the sigils of individuals or groups.

Right now I am conducting marketing research and invite you to complete the survey at my website. This will also make you eligible to win one of two t-shirts I'll be giving away.


Thank you for your patience and interest.

Matt Hamblin

p.s. if you like my designs, please feel free to share my site with others.

Merchant links

Good morning

I've approved your forum post. To answer your question, you're not breaking the rules by posting here, although direct promotion of merchants wasn't really intended as the mission of this forum. (It was meant to be for discussion about merchanting in the SCA or recommendations from customers, rather than merchants directly promoting their wares.)

Let's call this an exception to the rules. :-) In any case, your post is okay.

That being said, there is a better place for you to post. Please consider submitting a weblink with information about your online business, so that the weblink can appear in our merchant directory.

Before you submit your link, please take the time to read our Merchant Link Policy which explains how the link should be written. The short answer is that our merchant links are information, not advertising, and they are in third-person voice. If needed, I will gladly edit your link to make it fit our style guidelines, but the less editing I need to do, the faster I'm able to approve your link.

Kind regards,