Quivers and Quarrels: New photo section

The SCA archery E-newsletter, Quivers and Quarrels, is requesting photographs for a photo section featuring  "period" looking archers. Photos of archers in good looking period style clothing and gear or photos of period style gear (e.g. Bows, quivers. arrows, etc.) made by an archer will be published in each issue.

Q&Q would like to help encourage more period looking archers SCA wide by showing examples of such archers.

The archer or gear should fill most of the frame and be in focus. The name of the archer and their kingdom and local area must be included. A short write up of the time frame and area of the archer and gear ( e.g. Germany, mid 1400's) should be included with additional pertinent details.  The photos need to be jpegs and, if possible, be imbedded in a Word document along with the information on the photo and the release forms.

Release forms from the archer in the photo (Model) and the photographer must be included as well. The release forms may be found at [the links below].

Please send your photos and releasees to quiversquarrels@gmail.com.

The deadline for this next issue is October 15.

“Quivers and Quarrels” is still looking for more articles, event write ups and other information of interest to archers.

Feel free to forward this to any archery groups or archers that you think might be interested. 

Thank you

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf