A mendicant friar at Pennsic

Most people spend Pennsic fighting, going to classes, dancing, or just hanging out around the campfire. Not the case for Ercc Glaison, who chose to spend his War in the persona of a wandering friar. (photos)

From Ercc's notes:

I had planned on shedding my modern clothing, tonsuring my head, casting off my shoes, donning the trappings of a mendicant friar, taking a ‘commitment to quiet’ and going on a pilgrimage. I wanted to live with only what I could carry on my back. I planned on observing the various prayer rituals of a mendicant friar while offering my body as labor, as best I could, to various camps in return for a small patch of land to rest my head, and an occasional bite of food. I didn’t plan on carrying any objects from the modern world and would attempt to use only period items and avoid modern trappings as much as possible. I intended to carry a bed roll and a pilgrim's bag. I did not have a tent and did not intend to sleep in a one unless the climate demanded or a gracious host offered one as a resting place. I hoped to gain some insight into what it might have been like to shed all of ones holdings and take up on a pilgrimage trusting on the goodness of others. I traveled with no plan, no structure, no home, no verbal communication and a heavy reliance on faith in the goodness of others to carry me through my journey.