Best of Griffin's Tor Edition Two

Let it be known that the Best of Griffin's Tor Edition Two will take place on the weekend of the 30th and 31st of October 2004.

The Incipient Shire of Griffin's Tor would once again like to welcome you for two days of feasting, combat, games, classes and merriment.

Cost (SA Rand); Saturday: R75
Sunday: R35
Both these include site and feast fees.

The Saturday Event starts at 13h00 and finishes approximately at 22h00 (discretely wet, beverages to be supplied by the guests; Please note that no alcoholic drinks can be consumed before 4.30 pm due to public nature of venue) and includes lunch and evening feast.

The Sunday Event starts at 11h00 with a brunch and finish late afternoon. (Beverages again supplied by guests).

Venue for both days - The SA National Museum of Military History, Saxonwold, Johannesburg (next to the Johannesburg Zoo). Directions to site furnished on request.

Classes to be held will be announced later. (There may be a small fee to cover the costs of materials used in classes). If you do not want to take classes you are welcome to come and play games or just enjoy the day.

For reservations contact the Event Steward. In South Africa, reservations and payment by October 17th, overseas visitors reservations by 17th October please and payment on arrival. For overseas visitors crash space is available and there will be places of interest to visit on days prior to and after the weekend; information available on request. For local guests if you book and pay before October 1st cost for Saturday is R70 and Sunday R30. For overseas guests a confirmed booking by the same date will get you the same reductions.

For allergies or special dietary requirements, please contact the Chief Cook.

Please note that is a double event with the Shire of Adamastor who will be hosting an event on the weekend of 23-24 October.

The Event Steward - Baroness Helena Bryenissa Raoulaina (Ilonka Wybenga) E-mail:

The Chief Cook - Lady Mary Elizabeth Sutton (Lesley Ayres) E-mail:

The Marshall in Charge and Tourney Steward - Lord Rainer Wulfgar (Russell Abery) E mail: