Bath Abbey threatened by its dead

Bath Abbey, the late 15th century church that looms over the Roman ruins in Bath, England, is under siege -- by the dead. Not zombies, but over 6,000 bodies, threaten to lift the abbey's floor and collapse the building.

The abbey, which sits on the remains of a Norman cathedral, has allowed burials under its floor as recently at the mid 19th century. Now the thousands of bodies, packed into shallow graves, have shifted, leaving gaps that could collapse the church. Excavations to solve the problem began several years ago with results that stunned the experts. "We were looking for the foundation walls of the Norman cathedral on which we could lay a new floor," said Charles Curnook, from the abbey. "But we didn't find any - what we found instead were huge great voids underground in every place. And when we went in underneath one of the medieval pillars there was fresh air underneath it, at which point we stopped work."