Carolina dad builds "Doomsday Castle"

Retired Army officer Brent Bruns Sr has constructed a "Doomsday Castle" in the foothills of South Carolina. Bruns is the subject of a new television series on the National Geographic Channel. Douglas Main of LiveScience spoke to the patriarch on a recent blog.

Bruns told LiveScience that he has been prepping for doomsday since the year 2000, culminating in the construction of the castle. He fears that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) could knock out the electrical grid, leaving his family vulnerable. He says, "When immorality gets to the point where we are at in our society, if God doesn't bring wrath, he removes his hand and [lets bad things happen]. But there will be a time, I do believe, when the wrath will come and the end will come, and the Book of Revelation will come true."

Doomsday Castle airs Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4:00).