Lord Miles Warde joins SCANZ Committee

Melissa Muckart, Chair, SCANZ, reports that Dillon Burke (Lord Miles Warde) has been chosen to join the SCANZ Committee.

Greetings to the SCANZ membership,

The SCANZ Committee received one nomination for the Committee as a result of our call for members last month.

We are pleased to announce our newest member is the fabulous Dillon Burke (Lord Miles Warde). Dillon will begin in the role of Secretary to the Committee.

Dillon brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Committee. Here are a few brief highlights:

  • ten years working as a policy analyst for government agencies (NZQA, ACC, MSD)
  • three years as an elected representative at the University of Canterbury Students' Association
  • four years in the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve
  • PhD in Political Science (marine resource management around Antarctica), MA with 1st class honors (Defence and Strategic Studies), BA (History)
  • SCA Heavy fighter since about 2000, SCA participant since mid-90s in Southron Gaard, Darton and Thamesreach.

The Committee would also like to say a fond farewell to Sam West, and thank him for his time and work whilst on the Committee.

Kind regards,

Melissa Muckart
Chair, SCANZ