Ren faire meets comicbook in Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective

Avery Fatbottom, Renaissance Faire organizer and detective, is the protagonist of a new comic series by Jen Vaughn. Vaughn spoke with JK Parkin of Comic Book Resources about her newly-released Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective.

From the interview:

JK Parkin; Tell me a little bit about the title, which, before reading the story, gave me the impression that I’d be reading something akin to Sherlock Holmes working at Scarborough Faire. Is the title more of an in-joke, or are you planning for future issues to be more in the detective genre?

Jen Vaughn: The first issue is a bit of ground layer, originally it was a performance piece for bars and any place adults are with addled brains. But now it’s on, Avery’s got more than one mystery to solve. Is she a reclusive freelancer with a photographic memory? No, but she uses the tools, the people, the network she has to figure things out. There’s a bit more struggle involved than with Sherlock.