"Dead Rabbits" at Pennsic War

No, please don't bring roadkill with you to Pennsic! "Dead Rabbits" is Edward Zifran of Gendy's nickname for the "Hiring Hall" which places Pennsic volunteers.

It has been said that Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, the Lord Mayor of Pennsic 33, runs his operation like Tammany Hall, so as a joke, the hiring hall for volunteers has been christened "Dead Rabbits," a reference to gang activity in mid-19th century New York.

Whatever it is called, Pennsic does run on volunteers. Many, many people give countless hours to make sure that those attending will enjoy the experience. To see how you can help, be sure to stop by "Dead Rabbits" at Pennsic or plan early by checking Viscount Edward's list of volunteer activities.