Photos: Steppes Artisan and Pennsic 2013

Caelin on Andrede, from the Kingdom of Ansteorra, reports that he has created several albums of photos taken by Pyro and himself from Steppes Artisan in Ansteorra and Pennsic XLII. The photos are available to view on Flickr.

Caelin on Andrede writes:

Pyro is responsible for the great photos of the Pennsic artisan displays (in Pennsic 2013 Part II). I did most of the rest. If someone on other Kingdom lists (especially the East) would forward this, I think they would like to see some of the photos.

All the usual disclaimers and conditions apply: you may use any of my photos published on the URL I will post below for non-profit, SCA use provided you give attribution to Richard Threlkeld, Caelin on Andrede, or Betsy Marshall. For any other uses, please contact me. Pyro and I have an agreement that you may attribute any of our photos to either of us. We will provide a photographer's release if it is required, but you are on your own for model releases. You may not modify any picture except cropping or resizing to meet space constraints. We have higher resolution RAW format versions of the pictures and will modify them or provide better copies on request.